Production Services

Production Services

Real Pictures can provide a variety of video production services at a contract or hourly rate.

Our production services include:

Full production​​:

All of the video productions on this site have been fully produced by Real Pictures unless indicated otherwise.  A full production service includes concept development, script writing, production management, direction, camerawork/sound, post-production/editing/sound mix/graphics, delivery/upload


Individual contracted services such as:

  • Concept development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production Management
  • ​Freelance Direction
  • Line Production Services
  • Camera Operator/Crew & Equipment
  • Editor/Editing Services
  • OPC & facilities

“I found Real Pictures to be extremely adaptable to meeting my needs in the editing of my Company’s production. John’s experience and appreciation of my intentions meant I was able to realise my vision and create what I think is a great programme.”
Phil Parker
Managing Director
The Big Picture​

“John’s ability to get untrained people to behave in a natural, relaxed fashion when speaking to camera is quite impressive. He operates in an efficient manner – both in filming and post-production – to produce a professional end result in surprisingly quick time.”
Andrew Riddell
Managing Director
Allied Telesis Labs


Other endorsements…

Let us help you in the provision of full or individual contracted services.       Contact us today.